One survey found that 50% of current retirees had to retire earlier than they expected.

Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute, 2015

These engaging, short animations focus on a variety of financial topics and illustrate key financial concepts and current events. Choose any of the videos below and then click the start arrow to watch.


Corporate Inversions: Tightening the Rules

  • Corporate Inversions: Tightening the Rules

    What exactly is a corporate inversion? And why has it become a hot-button issue?

  • U.S. Oil: Increased Production Promotes Energy Independence

    The U.S. has become the world’s largest energy producer; can lower gas and oil prices accelerate the economy?

  • Geopolitics and U.S. Markets: Global Static or Major Influence

    A look at recent international geopolitical situations and whether they could have a long-term effect on U.S. markets.

  • College: Is it Worth the Price of Admission?

    A Federal Reserve analysis found investing in a college degree earned an average annual return of about 15% over the last decade.

  • Economic Rebound: Key Indicators Signal Progress

    Americans may feel upbeat about their financial prospects as key economic indicators signal economic progress.

  • The Strong Dollar: What Does It Mean for the U.S. Economy?

    Understanding the rising U.S. dollar and its potential effect on the economy, consumers, and investors.

  • Data Breaches: Fighting Identity Theft with New Technologies

    Current trends in debit- and credit-card fraud and upcoming changes to payment systems in stores and online.

  • Tax Extenders: The Tax Increase Prevention Act

    50 temporary tax provisions for 2014 became law with less than 2 weeks left in the tax year; will any affect you?

  • Your Credit Profile: New Protections Help Consumers

    Your credit score matters and how recent changes could help you manage and potentially improve your credit.

  • Extreme Weather: Does It Dampen Our Economy?

    Extreme weather events can have an effect on businesses, regional economies, and overall U.S. GDP growth.

  • Social Security: Demographic Realities Create Big Challenges

    Your credit score matters and how recent changes could help you manage and potentially improve your credit.

  • The Latte Habit

    How little things can add up over time

  • The Retirement Income Factor

    How much money will you bring to retirement?

  • American Tax Burden

    Are you concerned about your tax situation?

  • What Is Investment Risk?

    How different types of risks can adversely affect your investments

  • Do You Know Who Your Beneficiaries Are?

    Valuable assets will convey directly to beneficiaries, regardless of instructions in a will.

  • Protecting Your Dependents with Life Insurance

    Term or whole life? Just be sure you have adequate coverage.

  • Behavioral Finance

    Reacting emotionally may hinder your investment results.

  • The Value of a Bond

    How interest rate changes influence bond prices.

  • What Would Happen to Your Estate?

    Estate planning documents can help you manage your estate.

  • What Is An Annuity?

    Immediate or deferred annuity: there's no right answer.

  • Bringing Up Baby

    The cost to raise a child from cradle to college.